About Iris

IRIS is a bean-to-bar chocolate and hand-made gummie candy maker in Southern California.

It all started with a passion for chocolate making with hemp-rich CBD.

We realized that the industry was severely underserved when it came to customers finding a high quality Hemp Rich CBD Products. All products available were bought in mass- production then sprayed or infused with hemp-rich CBD.  Chocolate is also bought in mass-productions and then melted and infused with hemp-rich CBD. Chocolate Melters are also known by the fancy word in the chocolate industry “Chocolatiers”.

Our vision was to create a hemp-rich CBD product that consists of high quality organic and natural ingredients. To provide our customers with the highest quality products that both food and hemp-rich CBD can contribute to the human body.

Although it has taken our team extensive amounts of research and time to get our recipes to this perfecting stage. We are proud to offer our customers with in-house made bean-to-bar organic hemp-rich CBD chocolates and all natural ingredients hand-made hemp-rich CBD gummies squares. All of our hemp-rich CBD products are skillfully infused with the correct dosage of cannabidiols (CBD).

We understand that high quality food is imperative to the well being.


IRIS- improving lifestyles through wholesome products