Is your hemp grown in the U.S?



I have access to CBD. Can I give you my raw ingredients so you can make my gummies?    

To ensure consistency and traceability with our gummies, we do not accept any raw ingredients, including CBD.


Do you provide COA’s for my batch of gummies?

Yes. Each batch undergoes microbial testing as well as CBD potency.


Do you offer custom formulations?

No. At this time we do not offer any research and development.


I don’t like the flavors you offer can you make a different one for me?

Please refer to the question above.


Is your full spectrum CBD THC free?


Can I get a sample before I commit to buying bulk?

Yes. You can purchase a sample at the shop link above.


What type of packaging do you offer?

We offer bottled and bulk options.


Are you really a direct manufacturer?

Yes. Iris Gummies starting manufacturing gummies in 2012. We do not re-sell other manufacturers gummies. We make all of our gummies from scratch.


I thought I was going to sell all of the gummies I bought from you but, competition is tough.  Can I get a refund?

No. We do not issue refunds on any products.


How do I become a supplier of your raw ingredients?

We currently have solid and consistent suppliers for all of our raw ingredients. Please do not contact us to sell us your CBD, sugar, syrups and flavors.


What is the difference between your hemp seed oil and your hemp CBD gummies?

Our hemp seed oil gummies do not contain CBD. Our CBD gummies do contain Hemp derived CBD.


We do not provide consulting services. Any questions regarding marketing, consumers, laws and pricing, please contact a lawyer or a consultant.