Gummy Vitamin Manufacturing

Our Gummy Vitamin Manufacturing has grown in popularity along with the parallel rise of demand for the gummy formula. Gummy Vitamins seem to be the preferred way to consume daily vitamins. We pride ourselves in using the latest food technology to mask undesired scents and flavors of strong active ingredients, giving your customers the flavor they will remember your brand for.

Due to the high demand for gummy vitamins, we have established a wide selection of gummy formulas. Our nutritional supplements range from children’s multivitamins, to a variety of adult vitamins. These stock formulas allow us to share with our customers our expertise in maintaining the perfect ratio of actives and flavor. Our production facility is free of many allergens including nuts, eggs, dairy, soy, and gluten. We also offer and source customizable packaging options so you can stand out from your competition. Pricing varies depending on the specifications of your order. We also offer special pricing on higher volume purchase orders. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on stock formulas and price breaks.